Fitzgerald "Bane" Fenric IV, Esq.

A newly risen crime lord in Kasval


Fitzgerald “Bane” Fenric IV is a hulking giant of a man dressed in a tailored striped coat and top hat. Despite his bestial appearance, his eyes carry a spark of feral intelligence that is chilling to those unprepared for it. He carries a rusty chain wrapped around one of his enormous hands like a set of knuckles.


In the months since the Order of Scarlet Truth sundered the veil and brought the Verge to Kasval, the city has been filled with chaos. With many of the city’s residents dead or escaped, much of the city’s infrastructure collapsed. The criminal element fared no better, and behind the smoke of the war taking place, the city’s crime lords waged another war fighting for control of the crippled city.

Now that the dust has settled, and Scarlet and Versarrian soldiers glare at each other across the watch, new lines have been drawn in Kasval’s criminal world. At the head of one of the new “families” is a hulking giant of a man named Fitzerald Fenric IV. An unknown in the criminal world, his rise to power was sudden and brutal, and he now controls a small empire that is expanding every day.

Fitzgerald "Bane" Fenric IV, Esq.

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