Karth Torsain

tall, slightly built with short brown hair and green eyes


HP 43
AC 20
unarmed + 6 1d8+3+1d4
flurry of the blows + 8/+ 8 same damage
fort +7
reflex +8
Will +10
CMB +7
CMD 25
move speed of 40ft


Karth is a monk of the Barrenwall Disciples, the monk order that Issac the Grey built and is friends with Tim’s character, which i do not know the name of. Karth’s goal was to find Tim’s character because one day he suddenly vanished from the order. Other then that Karth is just trying to keep balance in the world being the high moral person he is. personality wise karth is a very calm man that likes to plan everything out.

Karth Torsain

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