Tsao Zaifang, Student of the 49th Path

A traveling monk of the Edict of White Lotus


A Drynhari of seemingly average build, Tsao Zaifang bears the epicanthic folds and black hair common to his people, and he wears a simple white cross-over tunic of a style worn by Drynhari farmers. His hair hangs in a long braid that he tucks into his belt, and he often runs his hands along the well worn wood of a three-section staff.

Tsao’s eyes are constantly observing as he takes in the scene around him, and he smiles almost childishly at every passing wonder.


Tsao was born to a long line of Drynhari soldiers. As a youth, he dreamed of taking up the sword and defending his nation like his ancestors. The Versarrian invasion destroyed those dreams. Tsao watched as the Empire consumed his nation, grinding down the Drynhari spirit under a rule that claimed his parents and younger brother.

Tsao felt lost for a several years, until his travels brought him deep to the foot of the Imyr Mountains, where towers an ancient wood that the Drynhari call the Forest of Ages Past. There he met a monk without a name and began his study of the 277 Paths of Contemplative Truth that form the teachings of the Edict of White Lotus.

The Edict gave Tsao purpose and fulfillment in ways his childhood dreams never had. Training with his brothers deep in the forest, Tsao learned to duel with a tiger’s ferocity, to perceive with an owl’s sagacity, and, most importantly, to question everything.

Tsao Zaifang, Student of the 49th Path

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