The Elder's Scythe

A scythe crafted by Ilmarion himself

weapon (melee)

The Elder’s Scythe is a 5th degree masterwork scythe of refined adamantine. It is treated as a +5 axiomatic undead bane acid burst ghost touch scythe with hardness 40 and 150 hp. It possesses the following special ability:

True Death: Those slain by the Elder’s Scythe are difficult to resurrect. Casters using raise dead or similar magic must succeed at a caster level check (DC 30) or the spell fails and the material components are wasted. Only a properly worded wish combined with remove curse (DC 25) can negate this effect.


Ter’Halathui, Keeper of Moonlit Law

The Elder’s Scythe was created by Ilmarion himself for his mortal son Absalon the Deathservant late in the Age of the Pact. Absalon wielded it for many years as Aspirant to Ilmarion, and carried it when he participated in the final battles of Feruwaith’s War.

Before the final battle, Absalon asked Aziel Amarette to wield the scythe should he fall in battle. In a twisted parody of this last request, Aziel later wielded the scythe as the Knight of High House Creed in service to the usurper god Feruwaith. After Aziel was defeated during the War of the Pact, the scythe was thought lost.

The Elder's Scythe

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