Kayarl - The Age of the Cog

The Queen Matilda
The Duke's Ball
The twelfth stroke heralds war once again

January 1st, 1313 LC
the 347th year of the Age of the Cog

Duke Jonathan of Kent is throwing a grand ball at his estate in honor of the new year. Many nobles and influential figures have been invited, and the ball is being considered the social event of the season. The PCs have all found themselves at this ball for various reasons, some more reputable than others.

The guest list (not an exhaustive list):
- Captain Avery “Greyhound” Morgan
- Mateo de Firenze, illusionist of the Encantarium
- Liutenant Stephen Driscoll of the 7th Hellknight Brigade
- Doctor Abraham Cropper, director of the Kasval branch of the Academy.
- Archmage Donoteo the Radiant

Experience total: 9,600
Individual experience: 820

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