“The greatest scientific minds gathered together under one roof… A race then, to see which mad scientist dooms us all first. The Emperor will be pleased, assuming the doomsday is limited to the guild hall.”
-Vernus the Round, advisor to Emperor Albrecht I

It wasn’t long after the potential of steam technology was discovered that the Versarrian Empire moved to control it. Indeed, the decision by Veirrsard’s first true Emperor to form what is colloquially known as the Academy was one of the primary reasons for the Empire’s early successes.

The Imperial Academy for the Furtherance of Prosperity through Natural Philosophy today spans the Empire, with branches in most major cities. It consists primarily of a collection of talented scientists and alchemists working to produce new technology and improve old works for the benefit of the Empire. Much of their work is military, but not all of it, and indeed the collective work of the Academy’s members is responsible for the vast majority of technological advancement in the last two hundred years. Membership in the organization is exclusive and desirable, and promotion within the organization is often fraught with internal politics.

Despite its name, the Academy does little in the way of university teaching. Ranking members are sometimes given the title of Professor, but this is more of an honorific than an actual indication of educational vocation.

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