Lord of the Ninth Ring, the Cunning Lord, the Archdevil, Master of Fear and Flame
Lawful Evil
Symbol: An inverted pentagram
Favored Weapon: Battle Axe
Domains: Fire, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Law

Idol of High House Law

Baaterioth is the lord of the archdevils and master of the Nine Hells. He is known to take many forms, but his favorite is that of a stunning black haired man with a goatee and charming smile. He is a schemer and loves to corrupt mortals. While ultimately a black hearted fiend, Baaterioth is a great lover of words and wit, and will keep his word if forced or tricked into giving it.

In the Age of the Cog, Baaterioth finds himself the god of contracts and chief among wardens. As such, he receives prayers from advocates, wardens, prison guards and many who bring grievances to a court of law.

Once hidden in secret, Baaterioth’s priests now build temples alongside the other gods of High House Law. They pray at dusk and channel negative energy.

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