Grey-Eyed Hel, Death’s Scribe
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: A quill and key
Favored Weapon: Short sword
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune

Scribe of High House Death

Hel is a bastard daughter of Ilmarion who often serves as his scribe and records keeper. She takes the form of a cold and beautiful woman whose only flaw is her cold, dead eyes. She is a keeper of knowledge and hoarder of secrets. She also serves as guardian of the gates to Tartarus, where the myriad nightmares of the Void are imprisoned.

Hel’s clerics pray at dusk and channel negative energy. Her clerics often work side by side with those of Ilmarion, and often find themselves at odds with the followers of Savramnon, who seeks to consume knowledge for himself.

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