High House Darkness

In the earliest days of the world, the House of Darkness was created by Te’alis to unite his allies in the War of First Reckoning. Born in the darkest reaches of Dav-Seulise, the power of the House of Darkness was tethered to the strength of the Void’s twin and corrupted by jealousy, greed and sin. Opposed by the House of Light, these two houses formed the crux of a struggle between good and evil that shaped the world for millenia, until their fall in the final days of the War of the Pact.

In the centuries since, the throne of Darkness has been vacant and the house has been all but forgotten. But stirrings have been felt from the house’s aspects as some of the seats in the house have been filled once more.

King (formely Te’alis)
Knight (formerly Tonkeires)
Priest (formerly Baaterioth)
Seer (Dayrgotha)
Soldier (formerly Gruumsh)
Maiden (formerly Lolth)
Assassin (Circle Breaker)
Idol (formerly Tanrioth)

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High House Darkness

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