The Virtuous Sun, The Lightbringer, The Glorious Dawn
Lawful Good
Symbol: A sword within a golden sun
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Glory, Good, Healing, Sun, War

Priest of High House Law

Isuvald, the god of valor, is the first born child of Keon Kairl, the great Creator. Isuvald worked side by side with his brothers to help Keon Kairl create the first world. Isuvald created the humans to populate the world, and was greatly favored by [Keon Kairl for his creation. When his brother Thayalan rose up in rebellion during the War of First Reckoning, it was Isuvald who met him on the field of battle and slew him.

Isuvald is proud and strong, and he seeks to promote honor, chivalry and justice in the world. He can be kind and is a bringer of healing, but is also a fierce warrior devoted to hunting down the wicked and protecting the innocent.

Isuvald carries the sword Tevestral, called Sun Striker, which was forged by his brother Suratis.

Isuvald welcomes worshippers of all races, but most of his faithful are human. Isuvald’s followers are those who seek to bring the light of good to the world, either by protecting and healing those in need or by hunting and punishing the sinful. These dual philosophies have led to several orders within the church of Isuvald. In particular, the Lightbringers are devoted to hunting down and destroying evil, while Solace Monks bring healing and unity to communities.

Isuvald’s followers often find allies in the worshippers of his brother Suratis or in the church of [[St. Cuthbert]], who is particularly zealous in rooting out wickedness. Isuvald is constantly at odds with his fallen brother Thayalan, and often fights against the tyrant god Tonkeires.

In the Age of the Cog, Izuvald’s domain is, like all things, more focused on law than good. Izuvald and his followers enforce tradition, honor and authority and find enemies in oathbreakers, cheats and rebels. His rivalry with Tonkeires is much diminished, and he finds allies in the other gods of High House Law.

Isuvald’s clerics pray at dawn and channel positive energy. They revere the Sun as Isuvald’s beacon with which he brings light to the world. Isuvald’s feast days are days of praise and thanks, often falling on harvest days or days commemorating past heroes, often with tournaments of chivalry. The holiest of Isuvald’s feast days falls on the Summer Solstice, when his power is at its zenith. His chief temples are proud cathedrals featuring tall arches and stained glass decoration.

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