This article refers to the continent of Kayarl. For information on the world, see Tayl-Seulise

A part of the lands collectively known as Tayl-Seulise, Kayarl is a large continent that dominates the center of most modern maps. Just south of the sunken continent of Keon-Seulise, Kayarl is a large continent with varied geography and climate.

Kayarl has a rich history of warring kingdoms, and the ruins of past ages are found throughout its lands. Once home to Nations of Anstrom, the majority of the War of Second Reckoning was fought in Kayarl.

Throughout the Age of the Pact, Kayarl was largely isolated from the rest of the world. The Lamakan Desert prevented travel toward the southern lands of Seruvaldt, and the Great Shroud prevented travel westward to the lands marked on early maps as Sendinel. Travel by sea was made all but impossible due to the presence of the great sea serpent known as Gyanmanos.

It is home to several kingdoms:
*New Rhodes

Today, the heart of the Versarrian Empire can be found on the continent of Kayarl.


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