Laughing Amber

The Prince of Thieves
Chaotic Good
Symbol: An amber colored mask
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good, Liberation, Trickery

Fool of High House Chaos

Patron to thieves and enemy of tyrants, the legends say that Laughing Amber stole his divinity from a powerful archdemon during the Age of Glory. Whether or not the legend is true is unknown, but his followers take great heart in the many legends involving the god’s exploits. He takes the form of a lithe and handsome man wearing a mask of solid amber.
Laughing Amber is a thief of legendary skill, and takes great pride in his work. He despises tyranny and oppression and encourages stealing from the overly miserly, overbearing rulers and arrogant nobles.

Laughing Amber’s clerics pray at dusk and channel positive energy. Like Laughing Amber, they tend to be charismatic people with an appreciation for finery. His temples tend to be grand buildings with much in the way of fine furnishings. Often the best wines and exotic foods in town can be found in a temple dedicated to Laughing Amber. Many among his followers are thieves and tricksters themselves.

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Laughing Amber

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