In the Age of the Cog, the old power structures of the pantheon have been shattered, and new houses have risen in their place. Gone is the struggle of good and evil, replaced with the forces of law and chaos in the cosmic wheel. These are the gods of Kayarl, their names and descriptions.

Over Deities (Mysteries)
The five ancient gods who were present at the creation do not take interest in mortal affairs. They do not answer prayers or grant spells. They are aloof beings, barely visible on the edge of the spiritual world.

The Void, from which all else sprang
The Dark, Void’s twin
The Light, child of the Void’s musings
Time, which gives meaning to the battle between Light and Dark
The Creator, who is called Keon-Kairl, who made the earth and heavens.

These are the houses of power:
High House Chaos
High House Creed (fallen)
High House Darkness (fallen)
High House Death
High House Law
High House Life
High House Light (fallen)

Greater Deities (Principles)
-Bervannon the Mountain Eternal
-Faxilnon the Wind Unrelenting
-Ilmarion the Eternal Judge
-Immanon the Ocean Unending
-Sarx and Jarl, Twin Faces of Chaos
-Savramnon the Fire Undying
-St Cuthbert of the Cudgel
-Suratis the Patient
-Thayalan the Undying
-Tonkeires the Hundred Handed

Intermediate Deities
-Bahamut the Platinum Dragon
-Circle Breaker
-D’russ called Greenwalker
-Erallionthalis Corrollion
-Isuvald the Shining
-Laughing Amber
-Tiamat the Great Hydra
-Torden Morubain
-Tiger’s Lotus

Lesser Deities (Ascendants)
-Anius of the Coin
-Gruumsh the One Eyed
-Kalnujirith the Goblin Lord
-Lolth the Spider Queen
-The Lady in Red


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