The Demon Unbound, The Hound of the Abyss, The Flame Before Shadow
Chaotic Evil
Symbol: A black wolf head with fiery eyes
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Fire, Madness

Champion of High House Chaos

Tanrioth, the Hound of the Abyss, takes the form of a massive wolf headed demon with eyes of flame and a cloak of shadow. He is lord of the demons that make the Abyss their home, and he is a wielder of flame and madness. Brother to Baaterioth, the two sided with Te’alis in the War of First Reckoning and have been cursed with an eternal blood war as a result. Unlike his brother, Tanrioth has no love for the subtlety of words, but revels in pain and bloody destruction. His aspects are rage and madness, and he is also known as the originator of the curse of lycanthropy.

Tanrioth’s clerics pray at midnight and channel negative energy.

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