The Moonlit Keeper, The Death-that-Dreams, The Eternal Promise
Neutral Evil
Symbol: A severed hand
Favored Weapon: Flail
Domains: Darkness, Death (undead), Evil, Magic, Madness

Thayalan is the third born child of Keon Kairl, the great Creator. In his first life, he was called Te’alis, and he toiled alongside his brothers in creating the world as Keon Kairl envisioned it. In populating the land, Thayalan created the orcs, though they little remember him now. Of the three brothers, Te’alis was least favored, and his jealously drove him to wage war against his family. Leading a great army drawn drawn from the dreams and nightmares of the Void, Te’alis waged what would later be called the War of First Reckoning.

It was at the Battle of Anson’s Field that Te’alis met his elder brother Isuvald in a duel that lasted three days and nights. On the first day the skies rained fire, yet neither showed weakness. The second day split the earth asunder, and yet neither neared defeat. But on the third day the skies and seas cried out in agony, and Isuvald smote Te’alis upon the field, cutting off his right hand and slaying him. Thus ended the War of First Reckoning, along with Te’alis’ first life.

But as gods are things borne of eternity, so did he become a thing of half-life, neither living nor dead. In this second life he is called Thayalan, and is master of the realm between this and the next, and father of the immortii, the undead.

Thayalan’s followers are often those who hope to overcome death. It is well known that those especially faithful to him are granted release from mortality through undeath. His followers are usually secretive, as most fear or hate the power of undeath. Ignorant fools believe it to be unnatural, although Thayalan’s faithful know it as a true gift and liberation from the tyranny of death.

The god of death and eternal judge Ilmarion is constantly at odds with Thayalan, as undeath allows Thayalan’s followers to escape his judgement. Ilmarion’s clerics often hunt down Thayalan’s cults, intending to return them to death’s embrace. Thayalan is also enemy to his elder brother Isuvald, who originally slew him.

In the Age of the Cog, Thayalan remains largely unchanged. He has gained some staunch followers in the immortii of Citadel Ioris, but many of them refuse his favor, believing their existence to be the foulest of curses.

Thayalan’s clerics pray at dusk, channel negative energy and revere the moon as Thayalan’s eye through which he watches the world. They hold the full and new moon especially in high regard, and often hold special ceremonies on such nights. During the full moon Thayalan is said to be especially alert, and so it is the best time to attempt to gain his favor. Conversely, he is said to be all but blind during the new moon, and so this is when he needs his faithful the most. A full moon that falls on the winter solstice is considered to be the holiest of Thayalan’s feast days.

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