Tiger's Lotus

The First Hero, Strength-of-Self, Sun-Watcher, Cloud-Caller
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: A tiger’s eye within a white lotus flower
Favored Weapon: Three-Section-Staff
Domains: Animal, Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength

Philosopher of High House Law

Tiger’s Lotus is an ancient ascendant who governs heroism, determination, self purpose and inner strength. He takes the form of a massive white were-tiger bearing a three-section-staff. He is a proud god who teaches his followers to look for inner strength before outside aid. He is the patron deity of the monk order known as the Edict of White Lotus.

His clerics pray at dawn and channel positive energy. He once had few followers outside the Drynhari peninsula, but his influence has grown in the Age of the Cog. Diviners sometimes pray to him for guidance, and his temples tend to be simple wooden shrines with fine gardens of the eastern style. These temples are places for quiet contemplation, but also have grounds for sparring and training.

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Tiger's Lotus

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