Torden Morubain

The Soul Forger, The All-Father, The Mountain Lord
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: A hammer and anvil
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Law, Protection, War (tactics)

Architect of High House Law

Torden Morübain is the lord of the dwarves, having ascended during the War of First Reckoning. He appears as a strong and proud dwarf in magnificent armor with starlight shining from his crown. It is said that the dwarves’ formal name for him contains a piece of the history of each dwarven king stretching back through the Age of Glory, and that this formal name takes more than an hour to recite in full. Torden is a warrior and smith of unmatched skill and governs every aspect of dwarven tradition. He is allies with Bervannon and Savramnon. He often wars with Tonkeires, Gruumsh and the horde of godlings that govern the underdark, and his clerics often remark that Torden Morübain is the only reason that the surface world has not been overrun.

In the Age of the Cog, Torden Morubain finds his people ruling a vast empire, and his power and significance are greatly increased. His domain extends to include steam engineering, a craft at which his people are quite adept. As a god of High House Law, Torden finds himself involved in the great conflict with Chaos, and he has become allies with old enemies such as Tonkeires the Hundred Handed.

All dwarves of caste revere Torden every day of their lives, but those who devote their lives completely to his glory are called Djerskol. These warrior clerics are drawn from the most devout of every caste, and are historians as well as warriors and priests. They pray when the sun rises over [[Mt. Morubain]] and channel positive energy. Torden’s temples are grand halls carved into the mountains, and often house armories, smiths and extensive libraries of dwarven genealogies and histories.

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Torden Morubain

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