The Fourth Age: With the usurper Feruwaith defeated and the Pact shattered, the gods have returned to the world of Kayarl, bringing with them a new age of power. The discovery of fire powder and the advent of steam technology has created a world of new wonders.

The Versarrian Empire, the most powerful military state the world has ever known, controls nearly all of Kayarl, supported by the blessing of High House Law. In the once proud forests of Lynailorna, the elves rail against an uneasy truce with their Imperial neighbors. In the far southern lands of Seruvaldt and Tel-Haroth, war with the Empire hovers just over the horizon. Only the Free Cities of Illid-Naumre far across the Ruined Sea have turned back a Versarrian invasion to date, but even their independence hovers on the brink of uncertainty.

Despite its power, a new banner has risen to challenge the Empire’s authority. The Order of Scarlet Truth has made a pact with Sarx, the void-maddened King of High House Chaos, and has put a plan into action that will shake the Empire to its roots.

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Kayarl - The Age of the Cog

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