Erick Drummond

A sniper in service of the Order of Scarlet Truth


Erick Drummond is a long fingered man with a tan face and squinting eyes in the livery of the Order of Scarlet Truth. Grey stubble marks a man who hasn’t shaved in days, and he walks with a limp. The long barreled rifle he carries is scorched with use.


Liutenant Erick Drummond is a sniper of some repute, born in Teronav during one of their famously cold winters. He was set to train as a Imperial dragoon, but a horse accident mangled his leg before his first year of training was complete. A disilusioned youth quickly found solace in the teachings of the Order of Scarlet Truth, and quickly put his training to use as the Order prepared to go to war.

Erick Drummond

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