Ever Glory

Legendary sword of catastrophic power

weapon (melee)

Ever Glory is an intelligent 5th degree masterwork bastard sword of refined adamantine. It functions as a +5 flaming burst, shock burst, force and ghost touch bastard sword, with hardness 40 and 140 hit points. All powers are at caster level 20th and are at the discretion of the sword.

Intelligent: Int 19, Wis 16, Cha 19;
Senses: Darkvision, blindsense, hearing; Skills: Intimidate 19, Perception +13, Spellcraft +14, Sense Motive +13
Lesser Power: Cure Moderate Wounds on wielder (2d8
10) 3/day
Greater Powers: Haste on wielder 3/day, Invisibility Purge (30 ft. radius) 3/day, Detect Thoughts at will, Wall of Fire in ring around wielder 1/day
Purpose: Defeat/slay all of great power
Dedicated Power: Can use true resurrection on wielder once per month.
Ego: 38


Calonvaras, Seeker of the Longest Dawn

The sword Calonvaras, known as Ever Glory, was forged during the War of Second Reckoning by the archmages of Keon-Seulise. Housing the spirit of a great wyrm, it was hoped that the sword would finally be able to end the hundred year siege of Citadel Ioris. While the sword was successful, its uncontrolled power led to further escalation of the war and the eventual sinking of Keon-Seulise into the sea.

The sword lay dormant for nearly a thousand years, protected by the guardian Amaon the Eternal before being found and ultimately reforged by King Peter the Cunning and his followers during Feruwaith’s War. The sword was wielded by Aziel Amarettein the final battle against the lich Feruwaith, and again by Aziel during the War of the Pact, this time as the Knight of High House Creed in service to Feruwaith.

The sword itself contains unspeakable power, and it is said that the sword is fated to defeat its wielder in his last battle. While it is uncertain where this curse originated, it is certainly true that all of Ever Glory’s past wielders have met tragic ends.

Ever Glory

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