The Mountain Eternal, The Bones of Creation
True Neutral
Symbol: a mountain
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Domains: Destruction, Earth, Nobility, Protection, Strength

Unaligned: Bone
When Keon-Kairl created the world, he created four beings to house it and to breathe life into it. Of these, Bervannon was firstborn, strong enough to hold up the girth of Kayarl. Bervannon makes up the bones of the world. He is the very stone and earth on which we stand. Bervannon is strong and proud, though perhaps arrogant as well. He cares little for most mortals, although he has granted the Dwarves many gifts. He speaks little, focusing solely on his proud task of holding up the world. He is a powerful ally and slow to anger, but a terrible force when his wrath is provoked.

Bervannon has few devout followers, but many offer prayers to him for protection. Miners and smiths, especially among the dwarves, offer prayers to him often. It is also common for farmers to pray to him for fertile soil. Bervannon is also patron to many nobles, who pray to him for continued wealth, prosperity and status.

In the Age of the Cog, Bervannon’s influence has grown slightly with the increased importance of mining and smithing. His blessing is sought after by many industrial companies that produce machinery and fossil fuels.

Bervannon has few clerics, but those few who devote their service to him pray at dawn and forsake the use of chairs so that they might sit closer to the earth. They choose to channel either positive or negative energy, depending on the particular virtues they most revere. Bervannon’s temples are secluded places in the deep areas of the world or deep within the mountains. They tend toward simple constructions of carved and rough hewn stone.

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