Circle Breaker

The Shadow Patron, The Truth within Lies, The Knife in the Dark, The Hound after Dark
Neutral Evil
Symbol: Two concentric circles with a vertical line drawn through them
Favored Weapon: kukri
Domains: Darkness, Death (murder), Evil, Knowledge, Trickery

Assassin of High House Darkness

Circle Breaker is the patron of trackers, spies and assassins. He appears as a silent hooded man shrouded in shadow and flanked by seven enormous black hounds. He is a schemer, and is secretive in the extreme. It is said that Circle Breaker was a mortal during the Age of the Kingdom, and that he stole his divinity from a now dead god. In the days before the Pact, Circle Breaker often involved himself in the mortal realm. His schemes are far reaching, and he loves to make deals.

Circle Breaker’s clerics channel negative energy and pray at dusk. He has few true temples, but those who pray to him occasionally make small shrines in his honor. These are usually well hidden from prying eyes.

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Circle Breaker

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