Erallionthalis Corrollion

Centuried Keeper of the Bow, Hunter on the Horizon, Watcher of the Forest Road
Chaotic Good
Symbol: silver crescent moon
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Protection, War (tactics)

The chief god of the elves, Erallionthalis Corollion ascended to godhood as a reward for his valor during the War of First Reckoning. The elves have hundreds of names for him, and he governs nearly every aspect of their culture. He is often at odds with Gruumsh, the one eyed god of orcs and their kin, and with Lolth, the Spider Queen of the Drow.

Few elves become priests, but Erallionthalis’ clerics pray at dawn and channel positive energy. The elves build few temples, instead giving reverence to Erallionthalis Corollion as part of nearly every daily task. These small rituals throughout the day would be barely recognizable as worship to an outsider, but it provides a constant reminder of their devotion to the elves.

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Erallionthalis Corrollion

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