The Wind Unrelenting, The Breath of Creation
True Neutral
Symbol: a swirling gust of wind
Favored Weapon: Katana
Domains: Air, Destruction, Liberation, Protection, Travel

Faxilnon is the third born of the four elemental gods, created to shelter the world from the Void. She is energetic, capricious and restless, and values freedom above all else. Her wrath is easily provoked but rarely maintained; Faxilnon’s fury is quick and devastating, but quickly spent.

Faxilnon is worshipped rarely among most races, as her capricious nature makes her protection short lived. Faxilnon is patron to many travelers, who pray to her for a safe and speedy journey. Messengers in particular pray to her. There is an exception in that the kobolds of Amon-Karr worship Faxilnon, hoping that one day they will be allowed to join her in the skies. It is a strange relationship, as the Kite-Amon, as they call themselves, are a society bound heavily in caste and bushido tradition. They value honor and duty, and yet worship a god that gives little attention to such things. The Kite-Amon see themselves as cousins to the dragons and think of themselves as heirs to the great draconian power. However, the kobolds lack both the natural strength and wings of the dragons. The Kite-Amon believe that through their tradition they can become strong, but it is only through their devotion to Faxilnon that they can fly.

The Age of the Cog has affected Faxilnon little, although she now receives prayers from the passengers and crew of the many airships that travel the skies of the Versarrian Empire.

Faxilnon’s clerics pray at dawn and choose between positive and negative energy in accordance with the facets of Faxilnon they seek to emulate the most. Faxilnon’s temples are secluded sites, built close to the sky atop tall mountains or cliffs. They tend to be tall constructions, open to the sky. A common temple to the wind god is little more than a staircase supported by columns reaching up as high as her clerics can build it. In the Age of the Cog, some of Faxilnon’s followers have abandoned the old temples in favor of mobile temples built into airships. Floating temples to Faxilnon are a welcome sight for traders in the sky, but the acolytes must be well trained in order to avoid predation by sky pirates.

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