Death, The Harvester, The Elder, Keeper of Sand, The Hood
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: an hourglass
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Domains: Darkness, Death*, Law, Knowledge, Repose
*Replace the spells on the Death Domain spell list with these spells for Ilmarion: 3rd- Vampiric Touch, 6th- Undeath to Death, 8th- Horrid Wilting

King of High House Death

In the realms beyond the veil of mortality, it is Ilmarion who judges the worth of souls. The sands of the hourglass tread on until the end of times, and each mortal has his allotted time to live. When that time is up, Ilmarion leads the way to the afterlife, where the soul is judged by the Hood himself. His judgement is unyielding and his decision final. A soul’s worth, and its destination, is determined by the Thirteen Thousand Writs of Virtue, which no soul escapes unscathed.

Ilmarion gaurds the great hourglass that measures the time allotted to each mortal. It is said that every mortal is represented by a single grain of sand in the hourglass, and that if a person could find his grain and remove it, he could cheat death forever.

Ilmarion is often prayed to at times of death, and presides over funeral rites and unmarked graves. His followers teach that death is not a thing to be feared, but simply a release from this life to the next. Every soul receives its reward beyond the veil, each according to its worth.

In the Age of the Cog, Ilmarion finds himself opposed by High House Chaos, creating powerful tension between his agents and the servants of Chaos. Allied with the gods of High House Law, Ilmarion’s power will surely prove pivotal in the war to come.

Ilmarion’s clerics pray at dusk, and their channel energy ability is exceptional. A cleric of Ilmarion can channel both positive and negative energy, but only to harm. That is, a cleric of Ilmarion can channel negative energy to harm the living or positive energy to harm undead, but can never heal with his energy.

Ilmarion’s clerics often speak at funerals and guard records of the dead. They are constantly at odds with the church of Thayalan, the undead god who cheats death. Ilmarion’s clergy make it their solemn duty to hunt down and destroy undead and those who try to escape death. The most famous of Ilmarion’s clerics is Absalon the Deathservant, said to be a mortal son of the god himself, who lived during the War of the Pact. Ilmarion’s temples are solemn constructions of finely carved stone. They have few windows and admit little light, but are often filled with scented candles burning at all hours of the day and night. They are often built above crypts for the deceased.

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