The Ocean Unending, The Blood of Creation
True Neutral
Symbol: waves
Favored Weapon: Trident
Domains: Destruction, Protection, Trickery (deception), Water (oceans), Weather

Unaligned: Blood

Immanon is the youngest of the elemental gods, created by Keon-Kairl to cradle the world’s first life. Immanon filled the world and paved the way for living creatures. She is a creative spirit who values beauty, and is also whimsical with a mischievous side. Immanon finds amusement in trickery and deception, pleasure in wealth, and delight in beauty. She can be greedy, and many are the ships she has taken into her cold embrace. The treasure on these sunken ships belongs to her, and it is a brave thief who dares steal from the sea. It is said that she makes her palace on the sunken continent of Keon-Seulise, the paradise that fell into the sea during the War of Second Reckoning. Its ruins were protected by the guardian serpent and leviathan Gyanmanos, given its second life by Immanon, until the serpent’s death in the War of the Pact.

Immanon often shares her bed with Dayrgotha, the moon and guardian of the night.

Few are Immanon’s clerics among all but the most singularly aquatic peoples, but many sailors and fishermen pray to her. It is common practice to make offerings to her in exchange for safe passage over the sea. Artists sometimes pray to her for inspiration, and farmers occasionally pray to her in times of drought.

Immanon has few clerics among the common races of Kayarl, but she has many worshippers among aquatic races such as the toglodytes and sahagin. Her clerics pray at dusk and choose between positive and negative energy in accordance with the facets of Immanon they revere most. Her temples are usually secluded, submerged partially or totally in water. They are often built of coral and feature driftwood and seashells prominently in their decoration.

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