Sarx and Jarl

The Fools, The Capricious Hand, The Storm Spark
Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: A two faced head
Favored Weapon: Dire Flail
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Trickery

King of High House Chaos

The Twins are an enigmatic duo that embodies different aspects of chaos. Sarx depicts chaos in its raw form: ever changing, destructive, violent and powerful. He is untamed; a cruel and uncaring force that only barely acknowledges the existence of mortals. Jarl, by contrast, is almost benevolent. He represents chaos as an agent of change. With change comes renewal. Rebirth and revitalization are his domain, and without his influence comes stagnation. Sarx is a destroyer while Jarl is a simple trickster.

The Twins are two facets of the same being. To pray to one is to pray to another, but the name invoked in prayer depends on the cause. Jarl receives prayer from many. Artists and musicians pray to him for inspiration, those down on their luck pray to him for a change in fortunes, and those imprisoned or downtrodden often pray to him for liberation. Sarx, by contrast, receives few prayers, as the results are always unpredictable and often disastrous. Indeed, invoking his name is said to lead to catastrophe, the gamble is that it may be yours, your enemy’s, or both. Sarx’s involvement heralds great changes. The fall of kingdoms, the death of rulers and the march of ages are his province. Some say that Sarx’s power can even kill gods, and others say that it has already done so.

In the Age of the Cog, Sarx’s influence as the King of High House Chaos has grown significantly. As the chief god of Chaos, Sarx and Jarl are at the center of the great conflict of the age, and their blessing is sought by many, especially those who oppose the Versarrian Empire. The power of the twins is a seductive one, and is capable of turning many to their cause.

The Twins have few clerics, but those few that do devote their faith to him revere one facet over another. Those in service to Jarl pray at noon and channel positive energy. They are free spirits, often tricksters, who dislike authority and restrictions. Those few in service to Sarx pray at midnight and channel negative energy. They are prophets of chaos, often true zealots who follow madness and chaos down twisting labyrinthine paths. These are men who seek to bring Kayarl a few steps closer to Limbo. The Twins have no true temples and little hierarchy to their church. There is acknowledgement and kinship among the devout, but no true leadership.

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Sarx and Jarl

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