The Fire Undying, The Spark of Creation
True Neutral
Symbol: a flame
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Domains: Destruction, Fire, Knowledge, Magic (arcane), Protection

Savramnon is the second born of the four elemental gods, and the most voracious. He is intense, greedy and quick tempered. He appreciates gems and wealth in all its forms, but truly lusts after knowledge over material wealth. Savramnon is a scholar with an insatiable desire to learn, and Kayarl’s first practitioner of arcane magic. Fire burns as Savramnon eats the knowledge contained in the fuel. He can learn from anything, taking in the knowledge of whatever is consumed, but books are his favorite, and he devours them with unmatched greed. While many seek his counsel for his knowledge, Savramnon guards it jealously, and gives it away only for great offerings.

Few are those who pray to Savramnon. Mages seeking greater power and knowledge often seek his counsel. Diviners in particular often use fire to glean their secrets, although coaxing knowledge from the flame is a difficult task. Sometimes conquerors pray to him when they burn the libraries of the conquered, asking him to keep the knowledge close to his heart, but these conquerors are as greedy as Savramnon and he holds no love for them.

In the Age of the Cog, Savramnon’s influence has grown to include the search to discover new technology and uncover more of the world’s natural secrets. Particularly voracious scholars, engineers and alchemists pray to him to help them in their quest for knowledge. With the advent of fire powder and steam technology, the power of fire has seeped into nearly all of the new age’s technology, and as such Savramnon is accorded great respect by those who work with steam technology, if not actual veneration.

Savramnon has few clerics among civilized races, but the fire giants on the Isle of Vaad revere him as their creator. His clerics pray at noon and choose between positive or negative energy in accordance with the virtues they most revere. His temples are secluded buildings, and feature stylized carvings and ritual fires in abundance. The fire giants also build libraries of stone tablets in their temples, ritually bathing them in flame so that Savramnon can read them.

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