St Cuthbert

The Stern One, Retribution
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: a ruby studded cross
Favored Weapon: Mace
Domains: Destruction, Glory, Law, Protection, Strength

Justice of High House Law

St. Cuthbert is the god of retribution. He appears as a stern gray haired warrior in full plate. Once a human mortal, he is relatively young, having ascended early in the Age of the Kingdom. He teaches devotion to duty and exacts revenge and just punishment on those who transgress the law. He favors good over evil because evil more often disregards the law, but he is not kind.

In the Age of the Cog, St. Cuthbert has risen to prominence as a Principle of High House Law, a position gained through his direct actions during the War of the Pact.

St. Cuthbert’s clerics pray at dawn and channel positive energy. Like St. Cuthbert, they tend to be stern individuals, harsh in judgment and quick to mete out punishment. His temples are solid stone constructions that resemble fortresses as much as places of worship. The most famous of his followers was Meruk the Pious, a monk priest who was famous for his part in Feruwaith’s War.

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St Cuthbert

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