He Who Toils, City Builder, Forgemaster, The First Harvester
Neutral Good
Symbol: An anvil and bundle of wheat
Favored Weapon: hand axe
Domains: Artifice, Community, Earth, Plant, Protection

Suratis is the second born of Keon-Kairl’s children and creator of the gnomes and halflings. His provenance is craft, and he is a builder and creator without equal. He has no great love of battle, instead preferring to spend his days toiling in the field or working at his forge. It is said that Suratis was the first to master agriculture and masonry and that he passes these gifts to the mortal races.

Although Suratis did not himself fight during the War of First Reckoning, he is known for forging the sword Tevestral, called Sun Striker, which was carried into battle by his elder brother Isuvald.

Suratis receives many prayers from artisans of all kinds. Builders, smiths and craftsmen all owe their skills to him in some part, and he receives especial attention from farmers. In the Age of the Cog, Suratis is also revered by gunsmiths, engineers, miners, steamfitters and a myriad of other craftsmen.

Suratis’ clerics pray at dawn and channel positive energy. They are often supporters of their community, working side by side with laborers and craftsmen. Suratis’ temples are simple constructions of brick or stone, often with workshops, forges or farmlands attached. Suratis holds days of planting and harvest as especially hallowed days.

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