Versarrian Empire

The Versarrian Empire is, simply put, the largest empire the world has ever seen. Founded by Emperor Albrecht I in 1115 LC. Albrecht, a dwarf of the house of Morubain, was supposedly blessed by a vision in which the gods of High House Law told him to unite the world under a single banner.

The initial Versarrian expansion was swift. The superior training and equipment of the dwarven army allowed it to quickly conquer its immediate neighbors, beginning with the kingdom of New Rhodes. As their forces began to wage war across the Plain of Larius, however, progress stalled as the dwarves encountered peoples that were much more adapted to battling on an open plain. The dwarven style of combat, well suited to defending their mountain fortresses, proved incapable of dealing with cavalry and massed archers. Progress slowed and the cost of wars dragged on.

It was with the development of the firearm that the Versarrian military once again gained a much needed advantage. The firearm proved a brutally effective weapon, and was well suited for use by a professional army such as the Versarrian military. After several conquests in quick succession, the Versarrian Empire established a reputation as efficient and effective. The Empire’s wealth and power grew. Nations that resisted war fell to political takeovers.

It wasn’t long before the Immortii of Citadel Ioris willingly joined the Empire. The Empire adapted the Crows of Kasval, a powerful assassin guild in Gavokan to use as the empire wide agency that it is today. By the year 1200 LC, the Versarrian Empire covered nearly all of Kayarl, as well as a large portion of northern Tel-Haroth and eastern Seruvaldt.

Versarrian Empire

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